Comparison of a real and a fake Nude Dude Palette

After making a purchase on eBay to get my hands on the theBalm NudeDude palette, I quickly got suspicious, when I noticed the negative reviews. Should have looked before I placed my order…Anyways my palette from eBay is indeed fake.

The other palette I own- ordered soon after- is from a reliable webshop.

Let’s start the comparison with the packaging.

The palette marked with 2d is the real product, the one marked with 1a is a copy. The more i look, the more differences I find. The original has ® in the logo, the fake one has TM. The two palettes differ slightly in colour, though it’s not noticeable without having them next to each other. If one looks closely the letter types are different. The capitals are longer and narrower on the copy. The logo on the original is lighter and has more detail to it, on the fake one the border of the logo is a solid gray colour. On the copy palette the e letter in the “the” word is not aligned.

The backside of the packaging is exactly the same, except for the above mentioned differences and the QR-code. The QR code on the original palette leads to the NudeDude palette on theBalm website, meanwhile the copy product’s leads to the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette.

Let’s move on to the inner differences.



The first picture shows that the original palette has round magnets at the corner of the packaging, while the fake one has rectangular shaped one closed to the mid line. Also worth mentioning, that the real palette, has a smoother appearance, the gluing doesn’t show through and the corners are intact. The ribbon that is meant to help you to pick the brush up is longer in the fake palette and is sticking out, when the palette is closed.
The brushes are very similar, but there are small differences as you can see on the picture. (The fake one has fallen apart.)
I have to say it’s a very good copy, if I didn’t have the real one, I wouldn’t have suspected that the first one I bought was fake.
Once you touch the shadows, you can see the difference, the satin shades in the original one are much more shiny.

When swatching the two palettes next to each other, the difference is obvious in quality, not so much in all the colours though. The fake one is chalky and has a lot of fallout. The original goes on very smoothly.IMG_20160104_131250


The photos above were taken under a LED-lamp light.


Pictures taken in natural light. The first two shades, Fearless and Fabulous barely show up from the fake palette, the original shadows go on very smoothly, with great pigmentation. Flawless has more pigmentation, but the fake is very chalky. Faithful differs very much in colour and texture. Firm, Fit, Flirty is kind of similar. Feisty is chalky in the fake palette and slightly different shade. Friendly is a plummy matte colour, not great in any of the palettes 🙂 Funny’s colour is different in the two palettes. Fierce is a matte black with silver glitter, much nicer in the real version. Fine is a satin espresso colour, which I think has a nicer colour in the fake palette, but a worse texture.

Hope this comparison might be helpful to some of you out there, who is considering to buy the thBalm NudeDude.

Comparison of a real and a fake Nude Dude Palette